On the 8th Day of Christmas….Bread, Art, Yoga, and Valentine’s Day?


This, the 8th day of Christmas, has found me both hopeful and in a preponderance. Pondering whether or not to go back to my mosaics and dioramas that I once did long ago and loved loved loved. Wondering if this is what my instincts are leading me to or if I’m getting myself off track because breaking into the fabric design world confuses me so I’ll get onto something else to keep from learning how to do something new like marketing to fabric companies. I do this you know….I’ll distract myself with something to keep from doing something probably important and worthwhile. I have a ton of ideas right now and I need to get them down! I think I may start a new blog page just for my ideas! Now there’s an idea I totally think is right!

Not feeling particularly Christmasy at this moment but I’ve been busy busy busy this morning. I have…this morning…and mind you it’s only 7:02 am…I have started prepping my yeast for bread, took a shower while the yeast sat up, got dressed for yoga, started my bread and got it on its first rise while I practiced Ashtanga Yoga, did the dishes I messed up making bread and from last night’s snacks…popcorn and ice cream….popcorn for me and Sky and ice cream for Wayne. Got my bread on its second rise, poured my second cup of coffee, cleaned out the litter box, carried out the garbage and cleaned up the kitchen from bread making…again and now…here I am.

I do feel Christmas simmering inside me though. It would help if the weather around here was a little more like a winter wonderland instead of like Spring. Spring is good in the Spring not at Christmastime!

I suppose that’s where Christmas is…inside us and we have to find it in our own way and experience it in our own way. What do you think? I do feel hope! And Hope is good!! There’s hope in Christmas or is there Christmas in Hope? EIther way, it’s all good.

I’ve got some embroidery work to do on a new quilted art hippie bag and I want to work with some clay today and make something I have in mind for my friend Tammy at the Webb Road Flea Market, she has a great incense shop in Building A, you can’t miss it, it has a giant peace symbol above it and it smells so so so good!!!!! The scents hit you when you open the big heavy door to the building. I want also to make some fabric jewelry and a new coloring book and yoga stuff and I need cereal and to buy a Christmas present so I’ll have to run out after breakfast..should check my ink situation too.

Ooh! Forgot, there’s something for Valentines Day I want to work on for my etsy and Amazon shops. I’ve got to make some notes!

DSCN2806Have a groovy day and meet me back here tomorrow my friend 😀 Big hugs! Much Peace Love Art


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