On the Sixth Day of Christmas…Art, Coloring Books and Yoga

No cartoon today but a weekly wrap up instead. Beginning at the end…I practiced a new yoga yesterday. Brett Larkin’s vinyasa flow Energy Yoga and it is definitely worth repeating! I really like it a lot. Give it a go! This morning I practiced my usual Ashtanga yoga Ashtanga yoga with Lesley Fightmaster it’s my favorite lead Ashtanga class so far.

Last night I began learning how to do repeats for fabric design because I am so moving into the field of fabric design. It’s something I’ve been interested in for so long and I feel it’s time to pursue it.

I finished my oil pastel on cloth last night!! I love love love it! DSCN2855I wonder if I should batt it, back it and quilt it or just let it be. I sold several coloring books this week! Coffee Lovers Coloring Book And listed a new one in my etsy shop!!  A Strange Little Moon, rather steampunky I think. A Strange Little Moon Coloring Book

I did end up rearranging my studio. I did it before dinner Thursday. I’d like to work on my book shelves too. They need to be more functional for display. But I have a sneaking feeling today will get away from me. We’re going to the market after breakfast after Sparky gets home from his mom’s and by the time we get home it’ll be time for lunch and then dishes and on Sundays we always play a game and I’ll have my yoga practice this evening too. But I’ll get done as much as I can. I’d better get started. I have several gifts I want to work on too! So, have a beautiful Sunday my friend and stop by again tomorrow!!

Still questing for Christmas and I’m thinking it’s wherever you left it last….Like in memories. You have to remember it and recreate it I think.


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