On The Fourth Day Of Christmas


Yesterday Sparky and I were running an errand and I have found that while in the car when you’re not singing along with the radio it’s a good time for deep discussions on topics like the pursuit of happiness and the meaning of life. So, I asked him what he thought the spirit of Christmas is, what it’s essence was. We then analyzed it and came up with this…

When you’re a child it’s excitement…everything is brighter, more magical, extra special! Santa is both wonderful and scary! You can’t wait for him to bring your toys but the mere thought of sitting on his lap and telling him what you want can strike a terror like none other at that age!

Children age, as we all do, and then Christmas becomes more about the ‘stuff’. They want to believe and some do but some don’t and thus begins the spiral of disbelief and the glitter becomes gaudy instead of magical. It’s sad but true. Luckily some teens hold onto tradition and value the holidays for the celebrations they are.

Teens become young adults and then Christmas is about a trip or memory lane that leads them back home for a few days before returning to normalcy or what has become normalcy now.

Young adults start young families and all their childhood memories come flooding back! The mall Santa, the homemade cookies, the twinkle lights and evergreens and everything is fresh and new and wonderful all over again! Magic is in the air as their eyes dance with happiness at the sight of their own babies taking it all in and Christmas is alive and well and better than ever!

And then….it comes for them…eventually….they find themselves wondering what the essence of Christmas really is. I don’t have any grandchildren yet but when I do I bet Christmas will be all Magic and Fairy Snow Dust but for now I’m still searching. Where are you Christmas? I don’t think you’re in the gifts or the mall or even if the gingerbread men. I bet you’re in the HEART! You are, aren’t you? In the heart… tucked away in the corner… behind the everyday life stuff and you need to be retrieved! Saved! Brought out into the light!

Ok, in my search so far, I think I have learned that Christmas should be lived in slow motion, savored like a good cup of coffee or bite of chocolate or glass of wine. Christmas is in the details like the candles and baking for someone you love as music plays and lights dance on the tree and you feel really feel LOVE and PEACE and do your best to share those feelings. Maybe Christmas is about contributing to someone else’s happiness? Like giving cookies to an elderly neighbor or leaving a snack box on someone’s doorstep anonymously or even just a hug…a hug goes a long long long way. Maybe when you want Christmas, Christmas will be there. Like Peace, you have to choose it. Ok, so, I choose to feel and see and hear and experience Christmas! I make a conscious choice right now and here! Come to me Christmas!! You are welcome!!

I hope ChristmasDSCN2551 has come to you my friend and I hope you’ll stop back by again tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art!


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