Hippie Free Verse Friday…


We decorated our tree

with Peace and Love

with wishes made on stars shining above.


Our heart strings strummed along with

each and every carol played

as we hoped this wonderful feeling could

just forever stay.


Comfy and cozy

cheeks so rosy

baited breath hanging in the cold air

a hat and scarf

favorite things to wear.


Twinkle the lights

crackle the fire

magical nights

birds sing like an angelic choir…


as we go out walking

and talking

and dreaming

and scheming Christmas surprises

happiness rises!


Cookie crumbs on the porcelain plate

sock feet up

coffee fresh

a warm and happy state.


If you’re looking for Chirstmas

it’s right here

It’s all in you hold



I almost forgot today was hippie poetry day!! Off the top of my head this evening! Hope you dig it! Much Peace Love Art 😀





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