Day 3…Close Calls


In my quest for the Essence of Christmas I forgot to tell you what happened or I should say…almost happened to me. I was at the fabric shop on Monday. I love the discount remnant bind! I always stand on one side of it for some reason so after perusing the opposite side from my usual side and picking up some pieces I moved around to my usual side. I hadn’t been digging long when I heard something strange. I looked up and as if in slow motion a wall display fell and shoved the remnant bind that was on casters into me which didn’t do anything more than startle me but if I had stayed on the other side it would have crushed me! Homey Cow! I couldn’t believe it! Then yesterday Wayne and I were out just a few minutes from home when a car crossed the line and came at us head on! I hollered, Wayne swerved and we were able to avoid the collision by only inches! I was so mad! I wanted to chase that idiot down and slap the shit out of him!! That’s two close calls in one week! Sheese!

Day 3 in searching for Christmas, it’s essence, it’s meaning, it’s spirit and I’ve got to tell you it is so not easy. I wonder if lots of people feel pressure to make it something extra extra extra special? I bet Christmas is in the details…the cards, the sharing a moment looking at lights, having coffee, listening to music in comfortable quiet moments as the moonlight streams in the window and incense burns and all feels well, for a moment at leastDSCN2444

Have a beautiful day my friend. Holler if you find Christmas! Try to stop by again tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art!


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  1. Wanda says:

    Wow, those were some close calls! Take extra special care while out and about. Hugs

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