Day 2…In Search Of Christmas


Day 2 in my search for the essence of Christmas. I think I felt it twice yesterday but only briefly yet it was enough to let me know what it would feel like and it’s not really something I can put into words, but I will try. For a moment pretend and really put yourself into the moment…pretend you’ve lost something important, something near and dear to your heart and then imagine you see it just lying somewhere…on a table, under the bed, by the computer…you find it! How elated you are, how relieved, how totally happy you are in that instant. That’s kind of like it except with a warming of the heart that brings it all together like home and coffee and crackling fires on the hearth. It’s like oatmeal, no it is lol, it’s warm and comforting and sometimes takes a little getting use to.

I think holidays are something that maybe we need to ease into instead of rushing head straight into the Buy! Buy! Buy! Buy TradeWinds!!! The Black Friday, Cyber Monday and everything that happens afterwards up and until that big day arrives and you give all you bought and take down all you put up to enjoy but didn’t really, enjoy, that is, because of all the stinking rushing around. I think maybe, Christmas is slower than that and we actually miss it by rushing. I think I’m going to put thought and intention behind my Christmas search instead of frantically ripping apart everything looking for it like lost car keys when you’re running late. Yeah, this seems right, Christmas is a slow motion kind of thing, that way we don’t have to wonder where all the time went.

So, for my own thought process a little recap….when searching for the essence of Christmas the first step is realizing you don’t know it or have it and want to and that sets the intention and the opening to it, ok, I like that.

The next step for me anyway will be to slow down and take it all in. I’m going to take time each day to just stand before the Christmas tree and look at it, I mean really peer inside it and see the little details, the hidden ornaments tucked insied the branches. Not so much go Go! GO!!! but DSCN2640. My heart fluttered just a little bit, I think the essence is drawing near. I may even read the Christmas Carol. I hope you have the Christmas spirit or find it if you don’t have it handy and I hope you’ll stop back by again tomorrow…I’ll have coffee!!! Much Peace Love Art 😀


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