Hop In The Hippie Way Back Van to 1974!

Beep! Beep! Hop in the hippie van! We’re tripping back through time this morning! Heading back to November 29th, 1974! Who’s in? Here’s what we would be singing along with while cruising off the beaten path to somewhere peaceful and groovy…I Can Help Billy Swan

In the funny papers we got a kick out of Doonesburydb740819 and of course, Peanuts

pe741128pe741129Lol! Love love love Peanuts!

Did you read Seventeen magazine? Here’s the Nov. ’74 cover 7a542d36329e3b63fb73abbd028799ae

Oh my gosh! Can’t leave the house without groovy threads! 5285974887_37fcaa0739_b

On the tube we watched General Hospital and American Bandstand and Candid Camera and by this time Monty Pythons Flying Circus had aired.p183896_b_v7_aa

Under the Christmas tree this year kids wanted to find GI Joe with kung fu GI Joe with Kung Fu Grip grip and Magna Doodle jZ6Tn-1448049030-600-list_items-1974_magnadoodleand Connect Four.

21 year-old Michael Kittredge opened his Yankee Candle factory. – See more at: http://www.pop-culture.us/Annual/1974.html#sthash.2YyWnyKG.dpuf

Sadly…Mama Cass (obesity related heart attack)

Used quotes…..”Dy-No-Mite”
J.J. WAlker on Good Times


“And now for something completely different”
– Monty Python’s Flying Circus

Guys probably pinned pics of Adrienne Barbeau, Barbi Benton, Dyan Cannon while the girls swooned over David Cassidy (still do 😀 ), Donny Osmond, and Davy Jones.

Food!! Who has the munchies?

Boy, we’ve come a long baby! And now, sadly, it’s time to face reality once more but hey there’s nothing wrong with taking some nostaga with you! Squeeze some cheese! Play some music! And have a great Sunday! Meet me back here tomorrow!! Oh my gosh! I almost forgot about my cartoon! So, one last thing! Big hugs and much peace love art!

Smile and Nod
Smile & Nod



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