A Light On Under The Door


There’s a light on under the door

I don’t remember it from before

Maybe the cats are having a tea party to which I wasn’t invited

If that’s thePiper's Coffee Break case,then surely I feel slighted!

Perhaps Molly is needing some me time

just in time to help with this rhyme.

Oh my gosh! What if it’s stranger danger?

Should I call a ranger?

Could there be anything stranger than me…

That would be interesting to see.

Maybe cleaning elves and dusting fairies are hard at work in that room

Yeah, right, maybe I sleep in a cocoon!

There’s a light on under the door…

Wait a minute! I do remember it from before!

I left the light on for you my friend

Light and Love this is the end…

of the poem…

not the day.

Lol, it doesn’t make sense but my hippie free verse poetry seldom does, right? Hope you can dig it! Much Peace Love Art!


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