Inspiration, Thanksgiving Menu, and Cats!


Inspiration has struck! While practicing yoga this morning…a vinyasa flow by Kathleen Holm and it is fabulous! since today is an Ashtanga Moon Day…anyway, it struck and I simply cannot wait to get to it which will have to be soon since we have another bazillion errands to run again today. The Restore is having a 30% off everything sale today!! I love love love the Restore! And bonus! It’s in my happy town!! Davidson! Wouldn’t you know it, I just cleaned out the litter box and swept and now there’s a feline friend kicking litter everywhere lol. Oh well, I love my cats! After yoga I went to the bedroom to put on the outfit I had picked out to wear today and found Miss Molly, the Chocolate Lab, stretched completely out on the bed, on her back and snoozing snoozing snoozing! Sparky would have a cow lol, but he’s spent another night at his mom’s as she continues to recoup from her heart attacking her. Oh my gosh, now Piper’s gone to finish the littler for Bijou! I think Piper is a tad OCD with the litter. She has to check on it and fix it just so and sometimes she’ll leave it only to come back a few minutes later to readjust it.

Tomorrow is the big day…cooking cooking cooking! Sparky says it is so much fun! All the cooking but I think it’s because all he has to do is prepare the turkey and carve it lol. I’ll be the one making from scratch because from scratch is so much more tasty if you ask me and I do love cooking! But I digress, as usual, I’ll be fixing….

smashed potatoes with gravy...a little time consuming but not too bad and will be made as one of the last things

green beans...easy


deviled egg boats…I’ll boil the eggs early so they can cool and maybe I’ll even boil them this evening leave them in the fridge overnight peeled and ready to go.

big fat yeast rolls…will take a while to rise so starting them early tomorrow

sweet potato extravaganza…oh my gosh, the aroma alone is decadent! Will take a little while and I need to shell some pecans and roast them today for the recipe

pumpkin pie…wonder if I should just bake it tonight?

Sparky is in charge of the turkey 😀DSCN1958

I have a cheese ball and crackers for snacking and of course, there’ll be popcorn and chips and salsa.

Dog Show!! Tomorrow is the dog show!! I think I like it way more than the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. The parade used to be so much better. When I was a kid watching it on tv, all the floats! The balloons! Oh my gosh! It was wonderful even in black and white! Now days it seems to be one big long advertisement for musicals and that’s fine if you dig musicals and stuff but I don’t. I like the marching bands and the traditional parade stuff. I do love the Rockettes though. I really wanted to be one but my aunt informed me I would never be one since I was never ever going to be tall enough. First dream crushed lol. But it’s ok since I get to be an artist! Speaking of art, I’d better go while inspiration is still hanging around. And soon I’ll have to fold laundry and make breakfast and run errands and you know, life stuff. So, have a great day and try to stop by tomorrow for a coffee break! Much Peace Love Art.


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