Quilting, Drawing and Loving It!

I finished quilting and sewing another bag yesterday!! I love love love it! Today I need to start drawing the coloring book to go with it. I probably shouldn’t say start since I actually need to start and complete it today lol. I also need to finish putting together a package together for Rosie in Georgia. My deadline (self-imposed since I’m already running behind) is Monday. It’s going to have postcard prints and originals, a coloring book and maybe a zine and whatever else seems right. Her store looks so cool! 11142836It’s called Tie Dye Rosie google it! And she’s on Facebook too. So here’s what I’m doing…DSCN2802a color cover for my Coffee Lovers Coloring Book and the bag I finished DSCN2804and now I’m ready for another one to go with the fabric recipe journal!! So, I’m gonna bounce to make breakfast and fold the second load of laundry and get going on some errands and eventually some art! Have a beautiful day and try to meet me back here tomorrow! Much Peace Love Art!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Wanda says:

    Love the cover for coffee lovers!

    1. dawn says:

      Thanks!! I can’t wait to finish it up this afternoon before yoga đŸ˜€ Big hugs!

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