Making Art!! Loving It!!!


Good morning beautiful friends! Here’s the art studio this morning…DSCN2790How many cups have you had already? I’m still on my first one since I did my chores after Ashtanga this morning so YEA! Well, almost yea! since the laundry which looks like a possible three loads today is still in progress. But hey, at least I’ve started it right?

I finished my pet project yesterday DSCN2781and immediately started another one DSCN2780and now I’ve got to tell you I’m contemplating taking apart the gift tote that comes with the art pillow and coloring book goodies DSCN2694and making it into a quilted bag also, what do you think? I’d hate to rip out the seams, but really, I am so not above that, like at all… if it makes it more appealing to a buyer. I really dig these little bags though. I want to get a selection collection done and list them in my Handmade Amazon shop which at the moment is understocked and sad and in dire need of attention which I will give it soon. Can’t say when exactly since that never ever works out for me anyway, but I will get to it soon.  But about these little bags…I love them so much! Wouldn’t they make great gift bags this Christmas? A gift bag that wouldn’t be thrown away but actually be part of the gift!! Maybe I should pack them with a sorted array of artsy stuff like aceos and zines and little coloring books and crayons and such! I’d love to do that! I think they’d make a groovy gift! I’d love to get one even if I wasn’t the one making them. They are so fun to make and I can do them one right after the other. Don’t get me wrong it takes time to cut the fabric and dye the fabric or paint it and then heat set it and start quilting and sewing it together but it flows because I love the process! I’m already thinking of pulling prints and doing resist techniques on them too!! I love love love this!! It’s already getting late and I want to make art!! So I’m gonna bounce but I hope you won’t mind and I hope you’ll join me back here tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art!! DSCN2784


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