I’m Very Thankful For You


I never title my blog posts beforehand because I never know what’s going to be talked about until it’s all said and done or should I say all typed and done? I don’t plan out our little chats. Oh no, they are in fact quite spontaneous, as if one of us called up the other one like old friends do or like we just met at the local coffee shop for a cuppa cuppa and gossip gossip lol. The point is we’re friends and the conversations just flow.For me, we’re life long friends now and you probably know more about me and my days than people I’m related to lol. It’s funny ’cause it’s true! And perhaps I owe you a great big apology for that!! You have to hear all about my art projects, my procrastinations, my cooking, my gardening, my ramblings and poems and random life stuff! My laundry for crying out loud!! You’ve been there with me as I grieved Thor and thanks so much for that!!! You’ve shared in my ups and downs and I’d like to give you a big ol bear hug!!! This is what I’m thankful for as this is the time of year folks start reflecting on what they’re thankful for…I’m thankful you being my friend and curious enough to show up here to hang out with me everyday or least when you can because I know you are busy busy busy too! There never seems to be enough time in the day, does it? Where do I go wrong with my time keeping? I wonder if all that time is piled up in the back of some storage closet just waiting to be reclaimed, taken out, shook off and used!! Wouldn’t that be nice? What would you do with all that extra time? I’d make art and hike and go to flea markets and play board games with my kids who can now look me in the eye if not over my head! I hope you like our daily chats I know I sure do and I hope you know I’m here for you too. And I hope you’ll stop on back by again tomorrow! I’ll have coffee!

Here’s a peek at what I mentioned yesterday….

Much Peace Love Art


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