My Artistic Process or Lack Thereof…


DSCN2749Works currently in progress….

coloring books

quilted recipe book

posters, postcards, prints

quilted aceos

quilted gift bags

hippie pouches

I would show you but as of now it’s just a big mess which is my process. I first get really inspired, then I do chores during which the inspiration gets covered up in dust and litter and laundry and I lose it and then I remember it but by now I’m confused and second guessing and wondering about the idea while wandering about procrastinating allowing myself to be side tracked cleaning out this closet or taking a walk or looking for something I don’t actually need but it’s popped in my mind and I can’t stop thinking about it until I’ve laid my hands on it and then wonder why it was so important and then feel guilty for the time I wasted looking for the object and eventually…finally… I get inspired all over again and work like a creative maniac! Which is what happened  last night. It hit and I created and created and created! Letting the paint dry and set up overnight and now I’m anxious to get back at it before breakfast and errands and life comes on in full effect and I start the said process all over again lol.  So, my friend, have a wonderful Monday!! Enjoy it…November…Sweet November is almost over already!! Try to meet me back here tomorrow when hopefully I’ll have something to show you! Much Peace Love Art!!!


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