Buttons! I Love Buttons! Sticky Rice! I Love Sticky Rice! and Quilting! I Love Quilting!


I found a new Happy Place yesterday. It’s called Hancock Fabrics and it has everything for quilting and making fabric art and homey cow! it’s so huge! I loved it! I didn’t have to wade through a bazillion people to see the flosses and fleeces. There were no groceries or electronics or faux flowers and home decor. There were fabrics…Kona cotton for 8.99 a yard!! Buttons! So very many buttons!  I love love love buttons!!!!! My best yard sale find this year was a tin of buttons! I paid .50 for a whole tin of buttons and the tin was vintage too! Double score!! I love all buttons but I would have to say that my favorite buttons are the old off white ones. I can only image the garments they’ve adorned without a second thought. A man buttoning up his work shirt perhaps a painter like my Paw-Paw or a lady about to go to town to run errands, baby in tow, kid gloves, pumps,  little hat, all buttoned up and pristine. I don’t think I have ever been or ever will be all buttoned up and pristine. I’m paint stained, messy hair, and barefooted. I almost cut my messy hair yesterday but I couldn’t find the scissors. I just want some layers but sometimes a chin length do sounds great and then I have a bad dream that I all but shaved my head and wake up panicked reaching for my hair lol. I really do love short haircuts though so this isn’t scrapped just yet.

I sewed up some pieces DSCN2775that will become and kitchen themed banner or maybe a recipe keeper/journal. I started hand quilting one of the panels last night.DSCN2774 I love hand quilting but I love my sewing machine too so I usually combine machine stitching with hand quilting. While I don’t embellish my bigger art quilts very much these little panels I think will be another story at least I think…we’ll see how the piece speaks to me. I’m having the most fun with them! I have big plans for products in time for Christmas gifts in my etsy shop and Amazon too.

Sparky should be coming in soon. Day two dealing with plumbing issues. Yesterday it was the bathroom sink and a trip to Lowes and today he has to find out why there’s water puddling up in the hall from under the wall. I can’t wait to build our house…someday…hopefully…soon.

I would love one whole day of making art and that’s all…just art! It’s already Thursday?! Are you serious? Where did the week go?

Yikes! I forgot to start soaking my rice for lunch today which will be Chinese stir fry and sticky rice but I soak my rice for at least three hours before cooking and it turns out perfect and it’s what time? Oh, it’s only 7:16 am I have time. I’ll put it in water around 8 when I go make breakfast…8-8:30 somewhere in there. The thing that will take the longest is digging it out of the pantry. I really need to clean that thing out.

Ok, my friend, have a great day! Enjoy your plumbing! It’s something you don’t really think about until you have a problem with it and then it’s a very big deal indeed! Send positive vibes! And please try try try to meet me back here tomorrow! Much Peace Love Art 🙂


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