Amazon, Art and Aspirations


I feel it in my bones…the times…they are changing. It’s not so much if as when now. I feel calm and peaceful and yet excited but it’s a quiet excitement…a gloaming so to speak, you know like twilight and magic and anticipation. I don’t know maybe I’m not explaining it right and maybe I don’t need to.

Ok, so I was invited to be an Amazon Handmade Artisan. I’m pretty tickled about that. I’ll have to work on getting that set up soon.

I think I’m going to make something great today! My mind is a creative vortex this morning in the midst of my zen state of mind is all this inspiration that I cannot contain for one single second more! I even prepared for the making of much art this morning after yoga and my first cup of coffee of the day,  I prepared by straightening up my art spaces. My sewing table which was my drawing table then my computer table and for the last few months my sewing table and since it works so well it’ll probably stay that way. Anyhow, it’s all ready for the cutting of cloth and the sewing of pillows, pouches and pockets! I can’t wait! My easel stands in attention for the new art piece I started on Sunday and my crayons are spread out, my colored pencils separated by color, my books stacked, my cloth stacked, my threads close at hand and now the music is playing, the incense is burning and life is good and art is drawing me to it like a magnet to steel so I’m going to bounce so I can create something boho and hippie and colorful before breakfast so have a beautiful day my friend and try to stop back by again tomorrow. Here’s my view from the computer chair….Much Peace Love Art


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