Bohemian Autumn Day


The day was gray and foggy with a chill in the air…101_6658

A scarf kind of day,

I love these! But they are already gone!

A sweater kind of day,

A fire in the fireplace kind of day,

a bohemian autumnal kind of day.

Out walking…

leaves crunching under foot,

gold and russet…

warm colors,

autumnal colors,

spicy colors.

In a field of fading wildflowers huddled together with drooping heads and swaying bodies

flowers are blooming!

stood the last few sunflowers of the season shivering in the chill of waning day.

Valentine's Tea By The FireSaved from a frosty night…

home in a mason jar

given a second life,

a new home…

placed on the table by the window

shadows stretching across the crochet cloth

coffee cup and saucer

100_3681.jpggingersnap cookies on china plate.

Taking in the last of the November day

candlelight flickers

Mmmm, gingerbread cake
Mmmm, gingerbread cake

music plays

shadows dance


Peace leans in for a big hug.

Hope you liked my hippie free verse poetry today 😀 I hope you’ll stop back by again tomorrow! Much peace love art!


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