Creative Messes


I just realized I haven’t even started my color it yourself Christmas Cards for my etsy shop. I need to draw Christmas Mandalas on the double!! I worked with my new printer all day long yesterday. I think we may be coming to terms lol.DSCN2731 It’s definitely not love at first sight between us. I miss my old Kodak printer…sigh… Sometimes I wonder where I’d be in the cartoon world if I hadn’t stopped drawing my strip. This is one of those times. My art studio would be a lot less cluttered and much more organized. I’d have pens and bottles of ink and rulers and my ames lettering guide and sharpened pencils and of course erasers. Instead I have a mess at almost all times! A mixed media maniacal artsy mess! Papers! Inks! Paints! Crayons! Pencils both colored and #2s! Oil pastels, fabrics, felts, yarns, ribbons, glitter, chalks, markers, beads, buttons, baubles! You name it it’s in there! But I don’t think I’d have it any other way but it would be nice to be able to organize my creative thoughts if not my studio lol. I made a lot of notes at the beginning of the year I think I should refer back to them. Oh my gosh, Healing Mandala art packages, ideas for aceos, coffee zines, paper quilt art and so so so much more! I am so gonna have to delve deeper into this. I think I’ll go get some more coffee and go through this plethora of ideas. So, have a beautiful artsy day my friend and try to meet me back here tomorrow! Much Peace Love Art~DSCN2637DSCN2460DSCN2728


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