surrender to the totality of your experience in each moment


Well, like it or not, the time changed. Completely random thought… I want to make art from paper today. Entirely made of paper. Everything thing cut and pieced together almost like a paper quilt. And maybe I’ll actually tackle this at some point today but I’ll start small no bigger than 8.5 x 11 or more than likely smaller since there will be inevitably a time crunch. At least my laundry is already in the dryer and I’ve had my shower and practiced Ashtanga and cleaned the litter box and fed the cats.  I wish I felt like writing a zine. I need to write to my pen pal Jess. I suck as a pen pal! I cannot manage my time! I think I may start tracking each and every minute again and then maybe I’ll get back on track but with errands and Wayne’s stuff and the fact we have this habit of eating three times a day (what’s up with that! lol) I just lose it! Today I’m cooking pinto beans, steamed cabbage and mac and cheese and this afternoon I’ll make bread and have Sunday Game Day with Sky. This morning we have to go back to the car graveyard to return a bad battery that they said was tested and good but it wasn’t so we have to go back! and when we get back I’ll have to get started with the rest of lunch and then there’s Atmananda yoga this afternoon so who knows what I actually will accomplish art wise. See what I mean? And my laundry will have to come out of the dryer and get folded and put away. Oh my gosh, I sound like a whiny complaining brat! I’m so sorry, you don’t need this! Neither do I for that matter! You know what? Screw it! Who cares? It’ll all get done with ease if there’s no stress attached to it. So, I surrender to the totality of my experience in each moment….this moment of talking…with you…my friend and the moments to come…the laundry, the cooking, the chores,  the errands, the art, the random life events that occur every second we’re awake. Exhale and feel good…I’m awake, I feel good, and life is good…smiles happening now, man oh man, that feels so much better!! Whiny..not so much, Happy Surrender…a whole lot of feel good! Wow! TIme is relative after all. And my time has come to get more coffee! I was going to show you what I’ve been working on but my camera battery is exhausted, poor

messy art box

thing! I’ll show you tomorrow though so be sure to stop back by. Much Peace Love Art


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