Monday…So Much To Do!


So, I know you’re not suppose to practice Ashtanga yoga on a Moon Day and today is indeed a moon day but I practiced Ashtanga anyway. I just really felt the need for it and I loved every single second of the practice and now I feel good. I don’t have to make bread today since I made it yesterday afternoon in the midst of printing and binding coloring books. I got several postcards drawn last night and I cannot wait to start painting them. I want so much to work on my art quilts and art pillows too!! And I really really really want to get going on my fabric postcards or maybe post card size peace flags? I miss my sewing machine as I have not had any time at it for days and days now. Usually while Wayne watches football on Thursday nights and Sunday nights I quilt or embellish pillows but the past Thursday and Sunday nights got away from me…I know…as usual and I didn’t get to either of them. I’ve got a quilt in mind I want to work on too!! Based off a painting I sold. This is it, 1507004_489825914474175_490750890_nI really want to do this piece as an art quilt. I wonder if I should venture into fusing? If I don’t soon get at least two straight hours of art soon I’m gonna lose it!! I need art! I need more time! I think I may become one of these of people who could not care less about time! I’ll just do things as I do them. No, don’t think that would work for me. I hate plans but I need to know when meal times are and bedtime too and yoga time and art time and coffee time lol, well, coffee time is all day long! So much to do today! The post office, the food store for strawberries and rice cakes and popcorn, the library (two of them), the office supply store for envelopes…sent Wayne by Staples yesterday to get a size larger envelope I even gave him the dimensions to go up one size to hold three coloring books and he came back with the exact same size lol, and they closed at 6 so I have to return them this morning and get the right size and then package it up and mail it off with the other orders. Let’s see…we also have to go by Lowe’s since he needs to get a faucet to replace for someone. So, we’ll go to the client’s house so he can check out the kitchen then we’ll go to the first library where I’ll get the book I need and then we’ll go to Staples and then to Lowe’s and then to the post office and then to the market and then maybe the Dollar Store for Molly a bone and then home where Wayne will drop me off to go replace the faucet and when he gets back I’ll go to the other library where hopefully they will have the books in I placed on hold via internet. And somewhere in there will be the folding of laundry (which is already washed and in the dryer) and the making of breakfast before we head out and lunch when we get back and my second yoga practice and dinner and the checking of email and etsy and Facebook so it doesn’t look as if I dropped off the planet and of course coffee and dishes!! Whew! I’m thinking of hiring Rainy as my personal assistant!! I hope I stay so busy it would warrant the need of an assistant! Guess I’d better go get started! Have a great day my friend!! Meet me back here tomorrow 😀 Much Peace Love Art, ~ Life on the run~


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