Imaginary Friends Make Great Imaginary Art!!


When I was a kid I grew up rural. It was so great!! I spent a lot of time in the woods…exploring, building tree forts and pretending…always pretending!! I was convinced that somewhere out there I had twin! Lol! I talked to her all the time, but I also talked to trees and animals (still do that to this day!) don’t ask me if they talked back…I’m not telling. I also made up things like funky animals…flying frogs and cats as big as elephants that would give me a lift to the only country store in our community where the screen door slammed behind you, the wood floors creaked, they knew you by name and the candy was a nickle! You could get buy anything from chicken feed to flour in a building not much bigger than my art studio. I miss that place and places like that place. I would like to travel around in search of community country stores…general stores, mom and pop stores. Stores where old men play checkers on the porch, the sodas are in bottles in the ice chest with the bottle opener built in and people still put salty peanuts in the bottle of ice cold Pepsi. A gathering place to gossip, catch up, sell homemade preserves or bread or candy. A place with a slamming screen door and wood plank floors and plaid and scents of cinnamon and cedar and pine and moonshine jugs filled apple cider. Wow. Funny how one little thought leads to another…what I meant to do was tell you how I loved to pretend about strange and funky friendly hippie animals so I was really tickled to find a library book by Carla Sonheim titled, Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals DSCN2617which opened or should I say  reopened my funky animals imaginary world!! Last night I sketched these… DSCN2618and started this drawing….DSCN2620I’m having the most fun!! Hopefully today I’ll paint paint paint!!! I’m feeling so inspired right now!! Can’t wait much longer to get to one of my easels. Maybe it was the yoga I practiced this morning. I had an extra long practice. Usually I practice yoga for 90 blissful minutes but this morning I practiced for two hours and I feel wonderful! My bread is rising, my coffee is smelling too good and breakfast is just around the corner! It was a good week for art pretty much I accomplished DSCN2627art pillows and gift totes and aceos and coloring book pages and felt ornaments and some art for Porterfield’s Fine Art Licensing and Blue Star Coloring and what else escapes me now since it’s time to get more coffee and that’s all I can think about lol. So, have a great day and color…it’s good for you 😀 Meet me back here tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art~ Imaginary Friends~


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  1. gh0stpupp3t says:

    I didn’t have an imaginary friend. I had my sister Al and together we would make up stuff and all that happy horsesh*t. RIP Al.

  2. dawn says:

    Happy Horsesh*t is the best!! I’m glad you have good memories but I’m sorry for your loss. Big Hugs 😀

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