Busy Day!!!


Today is going to be so so so BUSY!!!  Wayne has a podiatry appointment, I have library books due back, we need to go to the bank and market for cereal and bread and fresh fruits and his mom needs her Christmas ornaments brought up from the basement (like 30 big bins packed full and heavy!! need to take coffee with me lol), and the energy bill has to be paid too. All our errands in complete opposite directions too!! And this isn’t counting the house stuff I’ll have to do like litter box, and cooking and dishes and the bread I’ve got on the second rise but it’s really chilly in here so I’m hoping it’ll rise ok. I drew one Chirstmas picture for Blue Star last night I want to do several so they’ll have a choice for their Christmas coloring  book that will be sold on Amazon 😀 My first gift pact is all done and ready to be listed yay! DSCN2594DSCN2593Just got to find out the shipping on it. It comes with an art pillow, a the Who’s That Girl digest size coloring book, aceos, hand painted felt tags and hand painted gift tote. Wayne just got up so I’ll go make the bed and try to get as much done today as I possible can. Y’all have a great day and try to meet me back here tomorrow when hopefully things are less busy with errands and more fun with art! Much Peace Love Art ~ Busy Day!~


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