Artist Need Not Be Tortured By Their Art


Did you know Victor Hugo kept a mistress only a few doors down from his home? And he liked to bathe in a glass roof top room where anyone could see him passersby looking up, folks in their own houses looking out the window…including his mistress who had a view from her window to his glass room!? And Charles Dickens had to have his favorite little chotskies on his writing table which was always placed in front a window (can’t blame him there)…a small vase of fresh cut flowers, dueling frogs, a gentleman swarmed by puppies, and a large paper knife and a leaf with something i forget now on it but it was decorative. He prefered blue ink and a goose quill to write with. A few writers only wrote in bed! A lot of them took barbiturates to help them work and then something else to help them sleep. So many seemed tortured by their writing, like it was a chore or if there wasn’t pain involved then it wasn’t ‘art’. Not me man. I love my art. I love making my art even when it’s a struggle…a struggle to come up with a fresh approach or idea, a struggle to not procrastinate as I sometimes do when i decide to move furniture instead or clean out Narnia which I again need to do since I am greeted with an avalanche every time i open it’s doors to retrieve something or a struggle to find time to actually make the art which is my biggest source of struggle  which is why for the past few days I’ve been tracking my hours. Literally keeping track of every hour on the hour from the time I get up to the time I go to bed. I jot down everything from chores to coffee breaks to errands to cooking and dishes and laundry and litter box and garbage and the art…the sewing, the drawing, the painting. I try to do more than one thing at a time like when I’m on the phone which I hate to be! I’ll be cooking or even sewing or painting or outside walking as far as the cordless phone will reach with its signal. I’ve been doing better too since I’ve been tracking it and I try not to get caught up on Facebook and I only play my beloved pyramid solitaire when I’m having my toast and coffee which I have twice a day…at breakfast and again at dinner…I love love love breakfast foods!! And whatever combination I’m dining on I always save my homemade bread toast for last to savor over coffee and pyramid solitaire lol. Like I said, I love love love breakfast foods!! Oatmeal, grits, fresh fruits, cereal with (toasted oats) with cashew milk (love love love the cashew milk) and oh my gosh…egg white omelettes with vegetarian sausage hot peppers and onions and spinach and sriracha mustard!!! So good! I’m a spicy kind of girl!! (Not to be confused with the Spice Girls…not my style of music as you probably know already lol.)  Although I know yogi diets don’t’ include garlic or onions and I love them both I’ll have to decide on whether or not to give them up. If the health benefits are great then I’ll probably stick with them anyway. I just finished Ashtanga yoga and I’m so ready for breakfast!! I am about to list a new coloring book!! I love it! It’s digest size and oh so cute!!!! And I finished another art pillow and have another one…make that two more in the works! And a gift pouch stuffed with goodies!!! Picture to follow tomorrow 😀 So stop by again in the morning ok? Much Peace Love ARt, ~Artist~Who's That GIrl Digest Size Coloring Book pgs 9-10Who's That GIrl Digest Size Coloring Book pgs 5-6


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