Peace Love Art ~Coffee and Conversation…while it thunders


I suppose this could be my daily ritual or part of it anyway even though I don’t always always always show up here at the exact same time every day but most of the time I do, whatever time though, I do show up for coffee and conversation with you…my friend. I cherish this time when we’re having coffee and sharing thoughts and stories and excerpts like cliff’s notes about life and time and days and stuff. Meaningless little somethings that would mean not so much but do mean so much because it’s being acknowledged like now for instance…the house is silent except for Piper settling into her paper bag from Harris Teeter and the sound, the oh so sweet sound, of distant thunder…early morning thunder before the sun has even begun to think about waking up. I love it. It’ll be another hour before the sun rises but I’ll probably be on my second pot of coffee by then. I”ve already practiced 90 minutes of vinyasa yoga and I feel great, relaxed and content and hungry breakfast still hours away maybe I’ll have some banana, maybe I’ll cat nap on my studio sofa, maybe I’ll climb onto my window seat and read, maybe I’ll just stare out the window and watch the approaching storm, maybe I’ll take my coffee out onto the porch and wait for the rains to fall, maybe I’ll work on some art or put on a movie…Chocolat or Sweet November or something dark and scary, Not sure and won’t be sure until I’m already doing it so I’m going to go do the it now, wonder what it will be. Take care, have a beautiful day and try to stop by again tomorrow 😀 Much Peace Love Art ~coffee and conversations~coffee aceo


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  1. gh0stpupp3t says:

    I think I’ll watch AMC bc they have scary movies on about this time. 🙂

  2. dawn says:

    I ended up putting on a remake of The Big Chill while I painted 😀 Love love love scary movies 😀

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