Art and Coffee


Today is the day I will get stuff done! Not laundry, not errands but art! Today I will make art! Lots and lots of art! My art studio is inviting me in…it looks so great this morning! So inspiring! I had to pause yoga so I could snap these pictures of it. DSCN2542 DSCN2543  I can’t wait to get to work! I don’t know why even when I have the very best of intentions I find something to prevent me from working…sometimes I find the something and lots of times the something finds me! I did finish the pillow I was working on DSCN2550and I started a new piece for Porterfield’s Fine Art last night, the same drawing as my pillow because I loved it so much! Today I want to make a cute little pouch for a coloring book I’m about to release and list the pillow for sale and work on the art quilt and the rock poster and finish up the poster I started weeks ago! Coffee! Coffee will help. Today’s DSCN2548coffee…a Hazelnut, Vanilla, Caramel blend that’s calling my name since my cup is empty! Take care my friend! Send me positive vibes please!! Big things in the works!! Meet me back here tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art ~inspiration~


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