Sunday…Yoga, Soup, Movies, Football, Art! All Day!

I’m adding a new movie to my list of favorite movies! The movie is …durm roll please…

The Night We Never Met.

I’ve seen it before, a long time ago, but had since forgotten all about it and this morning, after yoga, I found it on cable!! So yay!! It’s back in my repertoire! You should check it out if you can. Maybe Netflix has it, hold on a sec and I’ll go check….ok, so, no, sadly I couldn’t find it on Netflix. I found a trailer on YouTube though

 but the movie is way way way better than the trailer!! Trust me!! Now, I’ve got to find it on dvd so I can own it and watch it until I can speak the parts along with the actors as this is usually what happens when I really really really love a move.

My List of Favorite Movies… (in no particular order)

Sweet November

What Lies Beneath

Dan In Real Life

Peace Love and Misunderstanding

The Big Chill

What Dreams May Come

Robin Hood (the one with Kevin Costner)

Nights In Rodanthe

That Touch of Mink

Pillow Talk

Indian Summer

The Night We Never Met

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle is coming on after and I think I’ll watch it too! Wayne will be watching football all day except for the hour or so that I’ll practice yoga again this afternoon then back to football so it’s all good! Life is good!

My All Art All Day started off with liter box, sweeping, making bread, shower, laundry in wahser, yoga, bread, laundry in dryer, to be followed by putting on my soup, baking my bread, making breakfast, floding and putting away the laundry and then….another drum roll please….

ART! ALL DAY! And now Wayne has gotten up so I’m going to go make the bed and get on with it! Check it out!! The Night We Never Met!! Have a wonderful Sunday!! Please please please!! Stop by again tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art ~movies~

messy art box
all art…all day!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. gh0stpupp3t says:

    Slounds like a good day.

    1. dawn says:

      I’m digging it 😀 Hope yours is groovy!! Big hugs!!

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