Peace Love Art Feng Shui

Greetings my friend!! One guess to what I did…again….this day. But I did it because I had good reason. I mean Feng Shui is tricky! It’s Tricky!

And mine was off because in Aug. before I rearranged my furniture in need of change after Thor 100_1544and the sadness which has eased but not by much at all, my sales were higher and this month next to nil so I had to remedy it and hopefully I have. I didn’t put it back the way it was but I like it and it feels pretty good and it looks good. It looks better ithan the pics give it justice but you can take a look if you want. Here’s some pics. DSCN2469DSCN2474DSCN2472I have not made one single piece of art yet today. I practiced yoga…twice, went to the market (needed cashew milk and strawberries and stuff like that). I’ve cooked breakfast and lunch and preheating now for dinner…fish and fries and onion rings and slaw for Wayne and Sky. Cereal and fruit and homemade bread toast and coffee of course, for me. Tomorrow! Tomorrow is my All Art, All Day DAY! Well, mostly anyways since I plan to make homemade soup and homemade bread tomorrow too. But the soup will take care of itself and be there for leftovers!! Gotta love leftovers! So Yay! Soup and bread and art and football and yoga! The oven is ready so I’m gonna bounce y’all have a great evening and try to meet me back here tomorrow 😀 Much Peace Love Art Feng Shui


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