Peace Love Art ~Daily Rituals~and a Peek Into My Art Studio

DSCN2444I’m going to try to track my daily ritual. I’m really digging the book Daily Rituals How Artist Work. My day usually starts relatively early…anytime from 5:15am to 6am (no later than 6…ever!) then I change for yoga, then I clean the litter box (sometimes this happens after yoga though). I roll out my  yoga mats, eat half a caramel rice cake with a little green tea with ginseng, then it’s almost an hour and half of ashtanga yoga, followed by my shower, coffee, writing, email, etsy shop, facebook, breakfast, dishes, short ten minutes or so walk, then art unless I have errands then errand come right after breakfast. Today, today, I don’t think I have any errands!! I could have errands though. I need white felt. I buy white felt now and dye it the colors I need. I like it best that way.

I thought I’d post a few pics of my art studio (before the wild hair to rearrange strikes again)

Van Gogh's Letters!! Love love love this book!!
Van Gogh’s Letters!! Love love love this book!!

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Y’all have a great day…big hugs! Try to meet me back here tomorrow…to see how the rest of the day plays out. I guess I should track my daily rituals for a week just to be sure of what’s a daily ritual and what’s not though….hmmm…are you going to track yours too? If you do then please feel free to share 😀 Much Peace Love Art ~ Daily Rituals~


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  1. gh0stpupp3t says:

    Dawn your art studio is great! 🙂 Lots of chaos among the peace. I like! 🙂

    1. dawn says:

      Ikr!! This is actually organized for me lol!!! Thanks 😀 Big hugs!

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