Peace Love Art Monday

Yesterday I took time to read. Just read. For fun. Van Gogh’s letters!! It’s a great book! A big book!! I’ve been going to bed a little earlier so I can read Daily Rituals How Artists Work before I go to sleep. I love love love that book too! Artists are interesting people. They do seem to love their coffee and their habits. Ben Franklin was convinced you could break a bad habit in one week and adopt a positive one in it’s place. I’ve thought that before too. I have practically given up the habit of drinking diet soda. I rarely drink it any more. Coffee…is another story. No way will I give up my coffee!!! No one would want that!

I worked on little art quilt Christmas ornaments DSCN2444yesterday too and I worked on a new hippie pouch and a coloring book, oh, and I found a hat I want to crochet, several hats actually! Today I’m setting the intention to work on ornaments, the art quilt, the pouch, and the Aged To Perfection zine. I’m revamping it, the zine, with sketches and stuff. Ok, so that’s what four things? Doable, right?

I just went out this morning to get a little notebook i can keep with me at all times…on walks, errands, by my yoga mat, in the kitchen, in the shower well, not the shower but the bathroom anyway. I often have ideas that I don’t write down and then I forget them. I do keep notes in my iPad but lots of times Sky is using my iPad so I don’t have possession of it. We parked next to an SUV at the dollar store. In the driver’s seat sat a woman with her head bent down between the steering wheel and the window. At first i thought she was looking for something but she wasn’t moving. I guess she dozed off waiting for someone in the store? It creeped me out a little since we had just watched Fear The Walking Dead on Demand at breakfast! Someone new had the space when we came out so I think all was well afterall.

I redid my blog yesterday. I think I like it a lot. I’m sitting here right doing my best to concentrate and focus but all I can think about is the Cafe au Latte in the coffee pot waiting on me right now and no cup beside me!!! I need my coffee!! Only one pot so far. So, my dear friend, have the most wonderful Monday and try to meet me back here tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art ~ Monday~


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  1. Glenda says:

    Hey Dawn could you post some pictures of your things that you make and talk about on the blog? Would love to see them!!

    1. dawn says:

      I sure will Glenda!! I’d be happy to 😀 Big Hugs!!

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