Peace Love Art Feeling Good…Tired, But Good

You want to feel good…fast? Spend some time with little kids! I did this morning and while we were on the move the whole time it was good you know? Kids are amazing little sponges. The one year old actually repeated the word SHARK. We (the four year old and myself) were pretending we were swimming in the sea after pretending we drove there in a car with dual steering wheels lol. I said let’s swim and we did across the living room floor when the four year old squealed “shark!” so we began swimming away from the shark, I started chanting shark shark shark and he copied me! Lol! So, I’m tired (got up at 5 for yoga and haven’t stopped…YET!DSCN2431) but feeling good.

Just finished lunch. I made for my family today….fried chicken, homemade potato salad, deviled egg boats, and crescent rolls. There are two pieces of chicken left over for Wayne and Sky’s dinner and potato salad and rolls too so my work is DONE!

I practiced Ashtanga for the usual hour and a half this morning and soon I’ll do my second praccticce of Atmananda yoga and then I’ll work the rest of the day on my new art quilts. I finsihed drwawing October’s coloring book last night!! I really like it! Not your usual jack-o-lanterns I must admit but that’s ok. I want to make my hippie stash for October too and work on a zine!! So many art projects I want to do and some I need to do.

I”m wearing shoes. Don’t like it though. I’ve been barefooted or the next best thing to barefooted all summer and now it’s tough getting used to shoes again.

Ok, my friend. I’m going to bounce. But I hope you’ll stop by again tomorrow. Much peace love art ~feeling good~


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