Books, Art and Life

Interesting fact…Soren Kierkegaard loved coffee. He had at least 50 cups and saucers all different. He drank from a different one everyday. Here’s how he took his strong black coffee…he would fill his cup all the way to the brim making a pyramid of sugar then he would pour his coffee in melting the sugar.

Voltaire liked his coffee too. He lounged in bed all morning reading and dictating new work to his secretary until noon when he got up to dress. His lunch consisted of coffee and chocolate. Now there’s a good lunch lol.

I’m reading a great book. It’s by Mason Currey, titled Daily Rituals How Artist Work. It’s so cool!! I’m wondering now if I even have a daily ritual. I mean I do yoga and chores but would that be counted as a daily ritual? I don’t enjoy chores but I do love yoga! I may try to start a daily ritual that leads into my making art. It may help my process more. Right now I have the following works in progress…a coloring book, ok two coloring books, make that 3, no 4! I have four coloring books in various stages. I have also started a new art quilt, a set of quilted Christmas ornaments, a hippie pouch, a poster, and a couple knitting projects. Whew!DSCN2340

My fresh bread is in the oven and almost done so I’m going to have it hot from the oven for breakfast this morning!! This afternoon I’ll turn in my form for the fair!! Tomorrow I have to babysit for the kids Wayne’s mom watches while he takes her to the dentist.

I got a book on reading palms! Lol, I’m going to be a fortune teller and maybe a snake charmer! I’m not really but I think the palm reading may inspired an interesting art quilt series.

I smell my bread and I’ve got to make Sky’s bacon so I’m off, y’all have a great day ok? Try to meet me back here tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art ~Wednesday~


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  1. gh0stpupp3t says:

    I used to do Tarot but my mother threw them out. 😦

    1. dawn says:

      Lol, I’m old as the hills but I still put mine away when my mom comes over!!

  2. The Daily Rituals book is on my reading list. Glad to hear it inspired you. It seems to me like are a very creative person. So many fun projects going on!

    1. dawn says:

      I am so digging this book!!! I have so many works in progress at any given moment!! Then I get sidetracked and rearrange furniture!! I love art! I need it like coffee and yoga and air, in that order 😉 Big hugs!!

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