Library Books, Tiny Art Quilts and Tuesday

What would you think if I told you I’m really looking forward to my cereal for dinner tonight? I really really really am. I am craving the toasty oats. I’m hungry. Been running since I got up this morning and just now sat down behind the computer table for the first time all day long…it’s almost 4pm. I haven’t even checked my etsy shop yet! Or email for that matter!! Bad artist! Bad! But  did mail art to Martinique and do a little fill in the gaps food shopping, and I went to the library where I got so many many many good books!!! DSCN2428I cannot wait to sit down with them…which I will do! The way my studio is arranged is so conducive for chilling and reading!

I want to work on the little mini art quilt Christmas tree ornaments DSCN2429and finish October’s coloring book and get the zine finished for New Zealand, and work on my new art quilt and the rock poster and crochet some hats and weave a rug and ….and holy cow!! I’d better go get at it!

Have a great evening!! Try to stop by again tomorrow! Much peace Love art ~busy days~


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