Indian Summer and Autumn Rituals

100_3681.jpgHello beautiful people! It’s so chilly this morning!! So chil-leeee!! I love love love it!!! It’s Indian Summer still I know since it’s going to be close to 87 again soon but I’ll take what I can get.

My fall rituals are just ahead…Every autumn I like to make potpourri. I’ve been saving orange peels for weeks and I’ll gather small pinecones soon, toss in some allspice and cinnamon sticks and bay leaves, some cloves and dried sunflower seeds and bottle it up until November and it’ll smell so good!!

I also have to knit, crochet and weave on a daily basis, even if for only ten minutes here and there.

hat band
hat band

Free Form Crochet Scarf, I love Free Form!

Bundles of mix match hand warmers to be kept in a basket by the door with an assortment of hand knit hats and scarves too. I love free form knitting and crocheting where I don’t follow a pattern or confine myself to only one texture. I mix it up! Who says they have to match? Not me!

I have a two books I love to read every fall too. I read or re-read Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier and Van Gogh’s Diary. I love sitting outside in the autumn under my favorite tree as the leafs change colors and the cool winds blow, coffee within reach and chimney smoke wafting through the air, the sunflowers doing their best to capture the last of the golden rays of sunlight and warmth. Wonderful days, autumn days, inspirational days. Days that are alive with colors and scents and possibilities!! I love love love autumn!! I hope Indian Summer passes by beautifully and lived completely and we slip into autumnal bliss peacefully. And I hope you’ll stop by my hippie home again tomorrow! I’ll have coffee and books ready!! Yarn too! Much peace love art, blissful days ahead ~


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