I Highly Recommend…


I highly recommend going barefooted whenever possible.

I highly recommend good music like George Harrison, Van Morrison, Janis Joplin to name just a few.

I highly recommend practicing yoga. DSCN2395There’s yoga for everything! Energy, depression, sinuses, back pain, flexibility digestion, thyroid ..you name it, there’s yoga for it! Yoga is a way of life not just super awesome exercise.

I highly recommend watching a black and white movie at least once a month….

Movies like Bringing Up Baby or Double Indemnity or Rebecca.

I highly recommend making art!! Art is good!! Art is good for you!! I love love love art!DSCN2261

I highly recommend reading Van Gogh’s Diary. I love love love that book. It’s full of letters exchanged with his brother Theo and sketches and glimpses into his personal life. Oh my gosh, it is a great read!

I highly recommend drinking coffee! I live off the tasty nectar.

I highly recommend playing board games with your family. It’s so fun to just hang out (drinking coffee, eating popcorn) and playing a game with the kids.

The Inventors, the game we played while it stormed...
The Inventors, the game we played while it stormed…

I highly recommend hot air popping your popcorn. It’ s way better for you than the microwave stuff and much tastier too! I hit mine with zero calorie butter spray and sea salt and ok, sometimes Sriracha or pickles or bananas or any combination of there of lol. Also yogurt covered raisins mixed in after it’s popped of course, is also tasty. Oh, and popcorn is also really good as a salad topper. No, it really is!! I love it!

I highly recommend being yourself…it requires little effort and isn’t that just easier anyhow.

I highly recommend cashew milk. It’s tasty and creamy and good for you too!

I highly recommend coloring. It lowers blood pressure and reduces stress especially when your favorite music is playing in the background.

I highly recommend eating dinner in bed once in a while with a stack of magazines and your favorite show on Netflix.

I highly recommend holding a purring kitty or playing ball with a canine companion. Furry friends are great!

I highly recommend dancing around in your living room, It is so freeing!

I highly recommend playing with a hula hoop. Hula hooping is fun and good exercise.

I highly recommend drawing on the sidewalk with chalk, share your art with the world!

I highly recommend spending an entire day outside…walking in the park, eating ice cream, putting a toy sailboat in a pond, lying on a blanket on the ground under a canopy of tree leafs changing colors.

I highly recommend dropping by my barefoot home again tomorrow!! I hope you will!

I highly recommend Peace Love Art ~Happiness~


2 Comments Add yours

  1. gh0stpupp3t says:

    Excellent! 😀 I love specialty coffee like Van Houte (sic) y’know?

    1. dawn says:

      Totally!!! 😀

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