Wanna Do List


You know what I wanna do?DSCN2141

I wanna surf and practice yoga on the beach.DSCN1497

I wanna play the bongos and pull the lever on the draft beer.

I wanna meditate under a palm tree.

I  wanna walk from pier to pier.

I wanna paint outside in a field of lavender and sunflowers.

I wanna make a martini…shaken, not stirred and pour it in a pretty martini glass garnishing it with an olive not an onion.

I wanna drink coffee with my barefeet up on the porch rail as the sun sets and the breeze stirs and the music plays on…Van Morrison…

I wanna walk hand in hand to the ice parlor for a diet coke float.

I wanna nap in a hammock under a canopy of changing leaves and blue skies.

I wanna paint Narnia white and my world psychedelic hippie happy.

I wanna go get my coffee now and make that breakfast and work on my art quilt for the fair and a new zine going to New Zealand or should I say New Zineland (smiles sheepishly).

I wanna work on a new hippie rock-n-roll poster and finish the rasta kitty and make some swatches for my new etsy shop and start a new art quilt. I wanna hug somebody or something…a cat, a dog, a tree…

I wanna think of you having a great day filled with Peace Happiness and Art! And I wanna think you’ll join me back here again tomorrow. Much Peace Love Art ~ wanna do list ~


2 Comments Add yours

  1. pscapp says:

    Great choice of tune for today. I got loads of I wanna’s.

    1. dawn says:

      Thanks, I love love love Van Morrison. I love my I wanna’s! I just keep adding to them 😀 Big hugs!

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