Summer Starry Nights Have Muchness


You know what’s nice? Laying in bed on soft sheets with the windows open, a cool breeze blowing every so often and a dark sky full of stars. On nights like that you feel like a kid again. Like there’s magic in the air. Like anything and everything is possible. Out here in the country where the nights are so dark the sky seems so much muchier and you have an almost startling realization of all the unknowns and all the what ifs, and the wondrousness of it all. This probably makes no sense and it’s just words brought on by a dark night in late summer with a million stars dancing like ballerinas anyway so it doesn’t really have to make sense, right? I hope you get to experience a night charged with emotion and magic and muchness real soon if you haven’t lately and I hope you’ll stop on back by tomorrow. Peace love art ~ night skies ~DSCN2145


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