Out Walking In The In The In Between

It was around 4:30 am and Miss Molly needed to go out. I open the gate just off the back porch so she could step down into the dog oasis but she was like no way and headed back for the back door. Inside the house, she crossed the room to the front door and nudged her pink leash that hangs from the rack with the keys and Zoey’s leash….Thor’s leash still hangs there too. So out we went for a very early morning walk. The in between hour. In between night and day. A magical time I think. A strange and sometimes eerie time. I liked being out there, it was so refreshing. The air is so cool and the predawn so quiet…not even an early bird out to catch a worm. The grass was cold and dewy foreshadowing the autumn just ahead. Now back in bed and typing this next to a sleeping Wayne I’m tempted to get up and start my day. Ashtanga followed by coffee, coffee, and more coffee are calling my name. Maybe some front porch sitting waiting for the sun to rise? Today, it is my intention to draw and start a new peace quilt and maybe make a hippie pouch loaded with stuff to color! Have a beautiful day my friend and try to stop by again tomorrow. Much Peace Love Art ~in between walks~DSCN2078


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