The Circle Of Life…as it happens


It’s a happy time and a sad time around my barefoot home right now. Yesterday I got some great news regarding my art. Some pretty cool things are about to happen! Opportunities!! Hint…I told you coloring was good for you 😀

Now, for the sad news…one of Rainy’s and her boyfriend, Michael’s dog has died. She’s upset and crying and that breaks my heart for her and for Bailey (the dog). It’s a grieving process to go through that’s a given but it doesn’t make it any easier knowing that little fact.    

To sweet and hyper Bailey…safe travels to the other side and play on Bailey. Run! Bark! Jump! And play! All Day! Everyday!

All day…everyday…isn’t that how we should all live…growing younger with age,

Peace Symbol on a Gear Shift knob!! That's a sign!!
Peace Symbol on a Gear Shift knob!! That’s a sign!!

free, spirited, with wild abandon and childlike enthusiasm. Taking reasonable chances and dancing in the rain once in a while. Giving hugs freely, laughing outloud for real not just lol online. Telling those you love that you do just that love them…unconditionally without strings. Playing music and singing along even if off key like me. Walking outside, going barefoot, playing games, refusing to grow old, practicing yoga, eating healthy foods, caring more about comfort than style. Being you…the best you…only you can be.

Now, before I get too greeting cardy I’m going to go get to scanning artwork and transferring it to my art licensing agent the great Lynn…I love her! I hope y’all have a great day and try to stop by again tomorrow…much peace love art ~life..the good times and the sad ones~


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