Saturday. Oh my gosh I did two yoga practices this morning!! I’ll review one or the both of them tomorrow but I loved loved loved them. As a matter of fact I may do one of them again when I practice Atmananda this evening. Okay, so today I need to quilt, I need to work on my coloring book and a zine. I need to work on my submission for a couple of contests I want to enter but probably won’t. I need to do my laundry and cook and do dishes again…two more times…two more meals. I need to chill. It’s Saturday…time for porch sittin’ feet on rail watching the sky. Time for music and making art and getting messy. Time for slamming screen doors and fresh baked goodies and coffee all day long. Time for a game of croquet or Chinese Checkers or backgammon. Time for a good movie and popcorn. Time for comfy clothes and no time for chores! Whatever you choose to do…however you spend your Saturday I hope you love it and I hope you’ll stop by again tomorrow! Much Peace Love Art ~ Saturday ~Dharma Girl


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