It’s That Kind Of Day…the good kind


I don’t know why but I can’t stop thinking about Edward Hopper’s art. images imgres-1 imgresAnd maybe it’s the cloudy day, the rain, the mood but I don’t care because I like it. I have always admired the moodiness of his work. I can feel it you know what I mean? I was really influenced by him for a while long ago but now I’ve found my own voice and it’s hippie as you probably know 😉 But today is an Edward Hopper kind of day, a soup kind of day, a quilting kind of day, a coffee all day kind of day but for me everyday is a coffee all day kind of day…smile. I want to revel in this feeling, in this nostalgic place, a place of corner barber shops where men gather to gossip and play checkers, a place where there are dime stores that sell Halloween masks with elastic bands and plastic cat facesa36ca55a6f8c5fc2a389820dad51b2e0 2. A place of bar stools that are sat on while sipping ice cream floats IceCreamSodaand looking at the latest issue of Life Magazine. A place of jukeboxes and ladies in hats cac22b41b9a2d96a700d0530502beb9eand kid gloves e2cd9f9764e976f1772ff68751147c7band kids riding bikes instead of playing video games. Sigh, I think I’ll go to the kitchen now and make a good old fashion breakfast, toast, coffee, juice, bacon and eggs and oatmeal, some fresh fruit (for me). So, let the rain fall and the gray fill up the sky I’m going to take it all in and use it as inspiration for quilting today even though I should be working on my coloring book for subscription and I will do that too but for a while I’m going to sit at my sewing table at the front windows of my studio and work on the art quilt DSCN2128 I want to enter in the good old fashion county fair! Have a great day my friend and try to meet me back here tomorrow if you can. Much Peace Love Art ~ rainy days ~


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