Tuesday….Coloring Book Workshop Day!

Today is my first workshop. I will be traveling back to my hometown to the public library to lead a workshop on coloring and it’s benefits. How cool is that? I used to go to that library all the time!! I’m pretty excited to see my peeps from long ago but y’all know how I feel about plans and I’m so not good with them so I will be happy when it’s over at the same time just because of the ‘plans’ thing and soon I’ll be able to finish up my other deadlines as well. Deadlines are good for me I think. I tend to focus better with a deadline.

I have to tell you what….ever since I rearranged my studio and opened it up I have also opened up the sales in my etsy shop. I like my studio arrangement a lot but you know me…I’m already thinking of other ways to put it lol. I moved my mom’s furniture on Sat. with Rainy and Sky’s help and we had a blast! It was a job but it was so much fun too!! We laughed until we cried….a few times.

Today will be busy. We’ll have to stay on track. Here’s the rundown….

I’ve already practiced Ashtanga yoga and the bed is made and the first pot of coffee too. Soon I’ll make breakfast. Rainy will shower and I’ll do laundry. Lunch will have to be early because Wayne has to leave for his friend’s serviceDSCN2346 by 12:30 and I’ll need to do my second yoga practice…Atmananda early because when we get home tonight it’ll be too late to practice and get dinner so yoga will be early and lunch also and I suppose breakfast should be as well so I’m off to get started…maybe I’ll be able to finish up the yoga kitties today too! We’ll see. So, have a groovy day and meet me back here tomorrow if you can and I hope hope hope you can…Much peace love art ~ plans ~


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