So Much To Do!!


Holy Time Schedules Batman! Today Wayne had an appointment with his thyroid doctor and I had books due back to the library and he had to get his vehicle inspected and I had to print a coloring book. He needed to go to the tag office and I needed to go to the dollar store. Tomorrow he’s a  pallbearer for his friend’s service and I have a coloring book workshop to lead an hour away. Wednesday Sky’s going off with a friend and I’ll need to go to the post office to mail out art. On Thursday my mom and cousin are coming over and Friday I’ll need to go to the market.  Somewhere in there I need to tweek the yoga kitties for my editor and finish the coloring book for the subscription service I’m going to be offering very very soon in my etsy shop and I need to send out a zine to my friend Stephen and a letter to my penpal Jess. I just finished my second yoga practice of the day….Ashtanga in the morning and Atmananda in the evening. I’m totally thirsty and I’m craving coffee…coffee and toast to be exact and cereal! Coffee, toast made from homemade bread and oat cereal with cashew milk….dinner! My dinner not Wayne’s or Sky’s though. Don’t know what they’ll be having yet. I made Chinese food for lunch and there’s sticky rice left over because I made way way way too much but that’s all that was left over, so, I’ll have to get creative. Ok, my friend, I’m off…I can wait no longer for my coffee so have a great evening and send me good vibes this week and know I’ll be reflecting them back to you too!! Try to meet me back here tomorrow ok!! Much Peace Love Art ~ Time~~~Alice CB pg1 0f 12


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  1. ggstratton22 says:

    Makes me tired just reading your post. LOL

    1. dawn says:

      Lol, coffee is my best friend!!!

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