20 Things To Be Happy About


  20 Things To Be Happy About

  1. Yoga…feels so so so good
  2. sunrises…all the colors and a brand new day!
  3. sunsets…same as above and the end of good day onto a great night
  4. cats…their purring can even lower blood pressure, how cool is that?101_7605
  5. dogs…unconditional love you even on bad hair days 😀
  6. homemade bread…so tasty and good for you too!
    Homemade yeast bread...Nona's recipe I figured out by myself!! Happy Bread!!
    Homemade yeast bread…Nona’s recipe I figured out by myself!! Happy Bread!!

  7. coloring…it’s fun and meditative~
  8. music…we all have our personal soundtracks, I love love love music!
  9. art supplies…all the colors, all the happy!   11227387_713483028775128_1668169949325142443_nDSCN2058
  10. butter rum lifesavers…a taste of nostalgia
  11. coffee…needs no explanation 🙂
  12. dream catchers…beautiful and functional
  13. incense…there’s a scent for everything!
  14. rainy days…oh my gosh, everything about a rainy day is just….perfect.
  15. hiking or walking… time spent outside connecting with nature is time well spent
  16. picnics…especially by a pond with someone you like…skipping rocks, dipping toes in the water and making memories
  17. fresh flowers…beautiful memories of something only you know

    flowers are blooming!
    flowers are blooming!
  18. full moons…the man on the moon keeps all your secrets
  19. dirt roads…less traveled and waiting for you~
  20. cotton pillow cases…soft and welcoming at the end of the day.

Y’all have a great evening and try to stop by again tomorrow pleaseeeee….Much peace Love aRt~happiness


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