A Strange Unexplainable True Story…It’s all true!!


This is a true story. I swear this really really really happened to me as a child. I remember distinctly it was the fall of  the year a weekday evening and we were going to the train station to pick up my Aunt Mary Francis (I loved her!) I was excited she was coming in and I was excited to be going out at night and excited to be going to the train station. I was in my little bedroom in our home on top of the big hill. I can still remember how my furniture was arranged and everything! My twin bed was under my closet doors. There was paneling half way up the then sliding panel closet doors. My mom used to pick out what she wanted me to wear and hang it together so I could grab it and put it on since she didn’t like my style when I dressed myself. I guess I often didn’t match and loved mixing patterns and colors lol. Hmmm, that explains a lot about my style now except now I can call if boho and get away with it and since I don’t care anyway it’s all good (smiles).

Anyway, there was my bed against the wall under the closet doors. She had put a full length mirror sandwiched between the wall and my bed so I could talk to myself until I fell asleep. Back then we had bedtimes often before the sun had even set and I didn’t have a tv to watch in my bedroom and no way could I play my transistor radio after bedtime and it was probably still up a tree so, there was the mirror and the twin I thought I had lol. On this particular night as we were preparing to leave I was in my room putting on what my mom wanted me to wear….

a dollar came through my ceiling and fluttered down to my bed. I remember seeing it coming through. I saw it! I remember I saw it! It landed on my bed and I grabbed it and showed it to my mom and told her what happened and she didn’t believe me. Nobody did. Still don’t. Sky says he believes me but is quick to add that it’s not scientifically possible for this to have happened. But I promise you I remember this actually occurring. Strange but true.

Y’all have a great day! Don’t be scared to stop by again tomorrow. I may still talk to myself but it’s okay because I have coffee and art supplies and homemade bread!

Peace Love Art and strange occurrencesDSCN2277


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