News From My Barefoot Art Studio!


More breaking news from my barefoot art studio!! The release of my coloring book subscription is pushed back by a week. I need time to redraw it. You see, instead of being digest size it’s going to be full sized and the new binding is…so cool!!! I think folks will love love love it!! So, here’s what I’ve got ahead me this week.

Six more yoga kitties for my editor and

14 more coloring book pages for the subscription service

along with my usual household stuff you know those habits of needing clean clothes and food to eat.  Luckily I have coffee…lots and lots of coffee and I have music.

Right now we’re listiening to the blues….Muddy Waters, Miss Etta James and Robert Cray with Shemekia Copeland  


Steven Tyler and Joe Perrry going downtown  

coloring books about to get a new binding!! this was good but now it’s better!

Lonnie Mac and of course, BB!! the King of blues! Later, I think I may groove with Van Morrison. In a minute I’ll go make lunch and then I’ll make art and then I’ll make yoga!! Well, I’ll practice yoga then make dinner. I wanna make an art quilt and an art poster book too and a zine!!! Oh my gosh!! I’d better go make stuff so y’all take care and have a great day!! Try to stop by tomorrow…check in on me and see if you can pry the sharpie from my hand lol. Much Peace Love Art ~coloring books~


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