Sunday Morning Yoga & Review! Namaste Beautiful Hippies


Namaste beautiful yogis and yoginis 😀 Today is so exciting it’s my very first yoga review and I am so so so tickled to being sharing yoga with you. I know I talk about it all the time. I love love love yoga. I’ve been practicing for-ev-er! I once taught it too. I taught what I called yoga fusion. A glorious blend of Hatha, Ashtanga and Power. A vinyasa flow of one beneficial posture into another with refreshing breaths and up and down dogs weaving the poses. Now I like to follow along. I don’t have to think or plan. I just listen and flow on the yoga vibes  created by someone else who loves yoga just as much.

I want to start off with a yoga video that’s been one of my favorites for a long long long time. I think it’s pretty easy to follow along with making it a good choice for a beginner and still challenging enough to be beneficial to someone who’s been practicing for a while but not in the mood for a power yoga or wanting to take time for a yin yoga. The scenery, which is important to me,  is really beautiful and the voice is over is so calming. I think I could listen to her read the phone book! Sometimes I will practice along with this video in the middle of the day when I need to chill and focus and breathe. This video will leave you feeling great. It moves you gently into one posture giving you time to feel it but not holding too long before moving on to the next asana (pose) with generous breaths in between. The warm up is perfect not too long or too short and the same can be said for the cool down and meditation. I don’t like a long long long meditation and savasana. I find if I relax too long I don’t feel as energized but the closing in this video is just right! I bet this is one you’ll want to favorite too and practice again and again.

I recommend if you find a yoga video you love that you do just that…practice it again and again becoming more familiar with the poses and how they feel. Soon you’ll find your body automatically moving and flowing into one asana into the next.  I would give this video 5 oms!!

I hope this helps!!! It is my first review!! I did my best!!

Try to stop by tomorrow for my coloring book subscription release sneak peek!! Have a beautiful Sunday! Breathe! Laugh! Love! And as always I wish you much Peace Love Art ~Yoga~Coloring Book of Wishes  copy


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