Thunder, Bread, Country Life


Thunder sounding like rolling drums off in the distance. How I love love love that sound. The sky is threatening…threatening? More like promising. Promising an afternoon of rain and thunder and art and coffee. An afternoon of incense and lit candles and purple lights in the bay window…purple fairy magic lights. An afternoon of yoga and peace and tranquility lost in a world of colors and patterns and images…little lines becoming pictures, puddles of paint and creamy pastels filling void areas. Art…I love love love art and coffee and yoga and storms. I love homemade bread and organic gardening and eating from our garden. Right now there’s bread freshly baked this morning and cabbage cooking on the stove top and pinto beans too. Dinner for tonight after this blissful afternoon. I’ll add some fried potatoes to the meal and tomato slices too…tomatoes freshly picked this morning and peppers too. I’ll linger here for only a minute more before moving to the easel and the afternoon and the bliss. I hope you’ll stop by again tomorrow. Much Peace Love Art ~ summer storms ~DSCN1958


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