Peace Love Art and Affirmations


    That’s one of my favorite songs and inspiration for my bohemian lifestyle. I just love it and strive to live it. Louise Hay says we have the Freedom to make our lives what we want. I’m listening to her guide on affirmations again. I think it’s a good thing to remind myself of these thoughts, of this way of thinking every so often just to reiterate the principles of the laws of attraction especially when there’s been a bunch of negativity around not only at home but in the world in general. So every few months I submerse myself in these meditations. Dont get me wrong, I don’t sit in lotus pose 30 page zine pgs, 7-9for hours and hours. Who has time for that? Not me! But I do listen and meditate while drawing and painting and walking and cooking. For me those are meditative experiences. Sewing not so much because I have to pay close attention to sewing since I don’t have that down pat yet. So, yeah, I am going to be listening to these words again and again until I feel refilled and replenished and ready to move forward. You see, I want to contact Hay House Publishing about a little art project I have in the works that will take some time….SOME TIME…not sure how much time but some time and more than just a little and probably just enough to get my thoughts in order and the universe to be prepared! This is a really good listen I wish you would check it out too.

You don’t have to listen from start to finish if you dont have time just come back to it. There’s nothing to lose…just keep an open mind and give it a chance to work. Life is good and should be lived not just in memories but making memories to remember….those were the good old days but these will be those good old days someday if we do it right lol. I’m off to go on my meditation walk and then breakfast and then work on my coloring book pages for my editor!! I have  an editor and a publisher for my coloring books!! More about that soon!! It’s really exciting!! Keep the good vibes flowing even when they seem trapped by a dam but break on through to the other side!! Have a great day! Try to stop by again tomorrow ok? Much Peace Love Art ~ Affirmations~


2 Comments Add yours

  1. gh0stpupp3t says:

    Very good on the coloring books. 🙂

    1. dawn says:

      Thank you!! I’m really excited!

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