It’s Ok To Keep It Weird


So busy busy busy!! Three deadlines hanging overhead!!! One I have to have to have to start and finish today!! It’s 2:31! I had five errands to run today!! Yoga at 5 and then dinner but it’s ok. It’s right up my alley the art piece. I can do it. Coffee. Coffee and music and art and incense and my studio!! I love knowing I have the deadlines though because it gives me focus! I know what I am supposed to do and when and for now…today…I like that. Ok, that’s out of the way let me tell you a secret….my top top top secret art project is almost ready to be revealed!!! ~Squeals with delight and excitement!~ Hey, you know what I did….I howled. I did, I really really really did. I howled. I just put my head back and let it roll!! It was fun and it felt great. No reason in particular I just did it. I think I’ll do it again sometime too. Have you ever howled? You should try it. You never know…you might like it. Let me know. Ok, so, my friend, I’m off but I hope you’ll stop by again tomorrow. Let me know about the howling thing…it really is fun. Much peace love art ~ it’s November 18 aceook keep it weird! ~


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