The Zen Of Making Bread


The fluffy white powder sprinkles lightly effortlessly into the big hand turned wooden bowl ages and ages old. Dusting the island top like a freshly fallen snow. In goes the salt cascading into the flourmountain a gentle stirring and it’s ready for the water/yeast mixture warming on Mr. Coffee. Into the center it goes…puddles up…spills over the sides of  Mount Flour like a volcano erupting until I plunge my wooden spoon reserved only for bread into the liquid center and begin mixing with love the ingredients together until a doughy form starts coming together then I set the spoon aside and dig my hands in. I love that. The warm dough forming into a ball that soon will rise and then be shaped into loaves of bread and left somewhere sunny and warm to rise some more before entering the warm oven and becoming the tasty treat that Ilove love love so much with my fruit, with my spinach & egg white omelette, with my coffee!!! For me country life and good music and family and home-made bread

Homemade yeast bread...Nona's recipe I figured out by myself!! Happy Bread!!

all go together like farm houses and screen doors, like kitties and window sills, like moonlit nights and fireflies, like me & art! Lol. There’s zen in making bread I think, there is for me at least and I dig it. I hope y’all have a great Sunday filled with Peace Love Art and Zen and I hope you’ll stop on back by again tomorrow! DSCN0260


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