Hippie Free Verse…I Always Knew You Could


The time has come the kitty saidDSCN1855

to stop stalling and move ahead…

There’s things to do  and seeds to plant

don’t go around telling me you can’t!

I know you can and so do you

there’s so many things you can do too!

Grab some paint

grab some beads

grab some yarn

and then you’ll see…DSCN2084

Blankets and Quilts come to life

coloring books and journals

finding peace in life.

Finding peace and being happy


not because of a something or a situation


in spite of a something or situation…sometimes.

Remembering always better times are there in the air and all around

like fairies spinning and dancing round and round.

Keep your head up and continue to believe11227387_713483028775128_1668169949325142443_n

imaging it until you see….

And see you will

in the moment your mind is still

you exhale



you never did fail.

It’s all a learning thing

and nothing remains the same.

Life is good


I always knew you could.


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  1. gh0stpupp3t says:


    1. dawn says:

      Thank you 😀

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